Our Clients
At Archerfield Partners LLP we take the matter of our clients' privacy very seriously. It is the firm's strict policy not to publicise the identity of its clients, though there may be occasions where such information becomes known through documents in the public domain or where a client wishes to disclose it, for instance, by instructing us to make public statements on their behalf.

We provide specialist legal services to high-profile individuals from the media and entertainment industry including authors, actors, artists, photographers and models. We also act for sportsmen and women, entrepreneurs and business leaders. In addition to clients who are in the public eye, we act for clients keen to stay away from the glare of media attention.

We represent high-net-worth individuals and family offices and, when appropriate, deal with their other professional and overseas legal advisors on their behalf in order to coordinate the management of their affairs.

We regularly advise corporate clients, whether at board level or via in-house counsel. Our clients include PR, management and talent agencies, multinational publishing houses, film and television production and distribution companies, bars and restaurants and marketing and branding agencies.
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